Work with us

At Gescobro, we believe that the integration of different disciplines promotes innovation. No matter what your specialty or your experience is, if you enjoy teamwork and have a positive and dynamic mindset, we want to hear from you

Work environment

Working at Gescobro is not only a professional opportunity, but also a personal one. At Gescobro we consider it essential to guarantee the well-being of people, from a holistic point of view.

Gescobro offers unique opportunities in the sector:

  • Working at Gescobro allows you to develop professionally in collaboration with highly qualified experts.
  • We believe in promoting and developing people's careers.
  • We advocate for integration, equality and diversity of people and thus enrich our human team, which is a fundamental element in the company.
  • We seek to promote cooperation and teamwork.

Gescobro, more than a team:

Gescobro promotes various initiatives of corporate social responsibility, which allow the collaboration and interaction of all people, ensuring that each one of them develop a high sense of belonging to the company.

We offer a respectful and friendly space which combined with previously commented policies creates an excellent professional environment. Gescobro is not only a team of excellent professionals; we are also a company committed to people that stands out for its empathy and professionalism.

Open positions

We are a company with a young, ambitious team with a long history and experience in the sector

Gestor/a de Recobro deuda Fallida/Judicializa


Abogado/a Procesal


Team Leader Real Estate


Valorador/a de activos inmobiliarios.


Gestor/a Big Ticket.


Coordinador valoraciones (Team Coordinator)


Becari@ Dpto. Soporte Legal

Financiero · Madrid

Teleoperador de cobro

Financiero · Barcelona y Madrid

Analista Junior (área inversiones)

Financiero · Madrid

Asset Manager Real Estate

- · Madrid

Asset Manager Secured

Recuperaciones · Madrid

Abogado/a de recuperaciones

- · Madrid

Valorador/a Senior

- · Madrid

Gestor/a recobro

- · Madrid y Barcelona

Asset Manager SME (Unsecured Pymes)

- · Madrid